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Yes, you can buy insurance. But it is important to know if the insurance publisher does not guarantee accidents (sick claims) due to pre-existing disease or congenital conditions.
In this case, compensation is paid to the legal heirs.
Yes, (you need to expand insurance protection) the insurance issuer cannot refuse to guarantee you. But the interpretation of prices will be implemented, and the insurance guarantor can give a higher price on the grounds they have higher risks as well. If you ignore information about this and one day an accident occurs, then this is the right of the insurer to refuse to give compensation to you. So try to always tell the truth.
When you buy insurance, the insurance company will contact you to compile and request information about the list of beneficiaries (heirs). That's when you can add people as recipients of compensation.
The granting of compensation is given to the heirs in accordance with the law regarding inheritance rights that apply
If a delay occurs, at the same time when the insurance holder submits a claim, the insurer will not be obliged to pay compensation for the claim (the policy is forfeited). So, you must always pay your insurance policy on time.
Prospective insurance holders must be between the ages of 18 and 60 to be able to purchase insurance coverage.

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    Good service.Sales provide product knowledge in accordance with the customer's interest, providing options for several insurance.

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    Good service, agents are responsive in communicating. Overall, Asura's service is good.

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    Asura service is good, fast, responsive!