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30 Jan 2020

5 Points Why Personal Property Insurance is Important

5 Points Why  Personal Property Insurance is Important - Asura


You must have already known what home insurance is, an insurance product that protects your home from various threats such as fire, theft, water damage, etc. However, did you know that most insurance packages also cover protection for personal properties?

What Personal Properties are covered in Personal Property Insurance?

This personal property coverage insures your belongings including furniture, household appliances, jewelry, etc. It also includes items that are outside your home such as your suitcase while traveling, bicycles, and the like. Personal property insurance protects your belongings from natural disasters such as fire, or theft. You might get adequate compensation for damages and other unfortunate occurrences from your insurance company if you have personal property protection.

The following are the 5 main reasons why you should get personal property insurance:

Home insurance alone is not enough

There is no denying that home insurance is important. However, you might want to get a separate protection for your valuables along with a standard home insurance package called a life policy. High-value items may not be covered by the policy as in the case with most insurance products that states limits on items to be covered. In some cases, even if they are covered, their total costs may be higher than the sum insured stated in the policy itself. With this, you might need to pay for the items from your own pocket.


You might not know this, but deductibles in insurance policies are becoming more common among health insurance and home insurance users. So, maybe your homeowner's insurance plan can also be deducted. If this is the case, and the amount is quite high, it is smart to get content insurance because most of the packages specified in this type of insurance have no deduction whatsoever.

You can't be too careful

Even if you are a responsible person and always take action to protect your home and belongings in every way possible, you cannot be too careful. This is because natural disasters such as floods and earthquakes cannot be avoided. As for robbery, you can install some of the best home security systems, of course. However, can you really rely on them 100% when you store expensive items such as jewelry, high-end gadgets, household appliances, etc. in your home and moreover, you oftentimes go on long travels? If you don't have a good content insurance package, then you can lose your belongings in just a snap.

These Products are Cheap

Most people don't invest in tenant insurance and property insurance plans because they think it's expensive. However, it isn't the truth. For example, for only $ 5 million per year, you can get an insurance coverage of up to $ 50 million to 100 million which is a pretty good deal.

You Can Take Separate Benefits

If you are a student or a professional who just recently got a job, then you probably have no savings yet in your current bank account. However, you have expensive items in your home such as laptops, computers, LED televisions, etc. If something unfortunate happens and causes the loss of these items, then you will easily get short of money and may need to borrow from friends and family for new laptops and other things. You can avoid this kind of financial chaos by taking appropriate personal property insurance protection such as tenant insurance.


Contrary to what many people think, most insurance plans are not scams. This is designed to protect you and your family from financial problems and provide the peace of mind you deserve.

Most people know about health insurance, home insurance, and car insurance. However, content insurance is equally important and must be seriously considered by tenants and homeowners. If you find time, check some of the best packages on the internet and choose the one that meets your requirements without disturbing your budget. Good luck!

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