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28 Dec 2019

Characteristics of an Independent Society

Characteristics of an Independent Society - Asura

Taking about Indonesia, what have people come to mind.? Surely, it can be imagined as a country that has a stunning natural beauty, fascinating cultural customs and a friendly community. Indonesia is one country that is quite respected by other countries. It is one of the developing countries at this time. With the help of qualified natural resources and managed by reliable human resources, Indonesia is currently able to compete with other countries both in the Southeast Asia region and in wider protection. As an Indonesian, people should be proud to be a resident of their country, a place where they were born.

Indonesia became independent from invaders 72 years ago. It has been a long time in which Indonesia should be more mature and better prepared to compete in developed countries such as Japan and Singapore. Indonesia has not been able to move forward, has not been 'independent' of its own life . An independent life is a life that is dreamed by so many Indonesian people . An example is the freedom to enjoy education and to obtain rights as citizens which are actually regulated in the 1945 Constitution. Then how do you characterize an independent society? Let's look at the reviews below!

Getting Education

An independent society is a society that has adequate and optimal education. Many Indonesian children fail to obtain the right to education because of several factors such as the lack of adequate access and lack of available funds for education. Education itself is one of the most important things that must be obtained because with sufficient education, we can help our children to achieve their dreams and goals in life. Therefore, Asura Sahat can prepare for your children's education needs through educational insurance ownership that will be very beneficial for you and your child.

Insurance Coverage Risk

In the lives of people who have high mobility and work systems that demand concentration, the people of Indonesia have a considerable level of risk acceptance when compared to people in Singapore and Thailand. This risk can begin with health, financial, accident problems that can be guaranteed when people are in their old age. To overcome this, the Indonesian people are expected to have a protection system that can cover a variety of risks. One of them is by having the right insurance and being able to provide a proper guarantee of the risks received by the customer.


Having provisions in the old days is one of the things that is often underestimated, but do people know that this is actually very important? Having provision in the old days is considered important because when entering old age the productivity of a person will tend to continue to decline until they can no longer work. When you are not capable of doing things, it will result to stress which ultimately provokes the emergence of diseases that can harm your body. Therefore, prepare your child's investment fund which will be used for future's needs.

Having an independent society is ideal to the nation, but it must begin with you. Hopefully the above reviews can be useful!

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