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02 Feb 2020

Choose Which, Education Insurance Or Education Savings Suits You Best

Choose Which, Education Insurance or Education Savings? This is Plus Minus! - Asura


Educational insurance, small premiums guarantee the child's future survival

Having children is the most important gift in your life, so you have to plan your child's future even since he was born into the world. Insurance is one thing that you must prepare for the future of your child, one of which is education insurance that can help you handle your child's education costs later.

Remember, tuition fees are increasing day by day. Do you remember how much your school fees were when you were in elementary school, junior high school, high school, or college first? Try now you compare it with the school fees at elementary school today. Surely the total cost of your education is far cheaper than the cost of entering your child's primary, middle or high school at this time.

Components of costs that must be calculated for children's school fees include: entry fees, tuition fees, books, transportation, and extracurricular activities.

Therefore, education insurance is the only insurance that can save you from the increasing financial costs of education. Because out there are many types of education insurance and insurance companies offering insurance, you may need some tips on choosing the right education insurance. With tips on choosing education insurance, you will not go wrong in choosing the type of education insurance and insurance company.

Here are some tips on choosing education insurance that you must apply, so you make the right decision about insurance education that is suitable for your child:

You must first determine the length of your child's education

This is very important in choosing the type of insurance education. There are various types of insurance education that can be chosen, and the types of insurance education are classified according to the duration of education planned to be pursued. When you have determined your child's education

You must find a good and reliable insurance company

Almost all tips on choosing education insurance will mention that insurance companies will determine the quality of education and education.

You must find reliable references about the insurance company you will choose

You can find references about insurance in educational magazines, educational insurance articles, and other sources. Henceforth, tips for choosing insurance education that you must apply is to set aside a portion of the monthly fee to pay for your children's education insurance.

Which one, education insurance or education savings?

Products are numerous and varied, offering educational savings and education insurance. You must understand the features of each product. For education savings, there is usually a small but small interest, where many products are recommended by financial planners to save education funds in the short term, around 2-5 years in the future, because the savings are only 3-6 percent but have minimal risk.

While education insurance provides the results of fundraising can be greater than education savings because funds are processed in investment products, such as mutual funds and stocks. Besides that the main feature of this product is the certainty of the continuity of education where if the insured party dies, the heirs receive funds worth the sum insured plus the investment proceeds. This product is more long-term because investment returns do not yet exist at least in the first 5 years.

Actually, you can get more tips on choosing education insurance in cyberspace, because there are many online insurance companies that provide reviews, so you know the right insurance education that is suitable for your child's future

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