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30 Jan 2020

Choosing the Best Insurance for Prime Age

Choosing the Best Insurance for Prime Age - Asura

In what age do a person needs insurance? Upon encountering a question like this, it is better for a person to have an insurance even to a newly born baby. The insurance company have varieties of insurance to be selected upon. It depends to a person who will choose the kind of insurance in accordance to a person's needs just like upon entering college or until he reaches the prime of his life. Even insurance companies can provide facilities to their customers since they were still in the womb of their mothers.

But is it important to have protection when a person enters old age? The answer is yes. Entering old age means that the condition of the body will not be the same compared to when you are still young and very productive. In your younger years, you can actually work more than 10 hours a day but not always possible when you get old. In addition, health conditions will also continue to decline , the risk of contracting the disease will be even greater, therefore having insurance in old age or upon retirement is very important. But how do you choose an insurance that is suitable for old age? Here's how:


It should be known to people that some insurance companies have an age limit to become customers or members of certain kind of insurance. Companies usually have a coverage period ranging from 88 years to 90 years for some kind of insurance they have. Therefore, it is very important for a person to know the age limit of registering as a customer in an insurance company. Maximum age limit will be closely related to the health conditions that a person have. If you have an illness before registering as a customer, the insurance company will not provide coverage for the risks that may happen to you. With the above conditions, discuss everything with insurance agents whom you believe you will acquire the best protection.

Suit one's taste

In Indonesia alone, almost 26% of the people who applied for an insurance that is not for them but for their children or parents. When someone applies for an insurance for a child, it is usually for education. It is one of the efforts to provide funds for the child for future education plans. In addition, when someone chooses an insurance for parents, they usually choose critical illness insurance , as an effort to provide guarantees regarding medical actions needed if parents experience illness because of the late age. Therefore, make the right choice of insurance that would apply to the needs of your family or even for yourself for a better future.

In accordance with health conditions

In earlier discussions, health conditions will greatly affect the kind of insurance that a person chooses .Choose an insurance that can provide coverage for possible risks that may happen to you or family members who are concerned with these health conditions.

Hopefully the above ideas can help you choose a kind of insurance that are suitable for you or for your family who are are entering the prime of their lives.

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