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01 Feb 2020

Some of the Most Common Problems with Automatic Transmission Cars

Some of the Most Common Problems with Automatic Transmission Cars - Asura


There are two types of transmissions that can be used by vehicles, namely automatic or manual transmission. If you have a plan to drive far and go out of town to drive in a remote and uphill area and suddenly you will notice that the automatic transmission of your vehicle is not functioning, you must have the knowledge of how to find a solution when this problem occurs. Situations like this do not arise suddenly. However, your vehicle began to give warning signals beforehand, to detect the failure.

Some of the Most Common Automatic Transmission Problems

When your vehicle do not respond well, there must be a mechanical problem. Not only that, it will give off an unusual odor from burning fuel. In the case of electricity problems, the vehicle dashboard might start to show a red indicator!

If you see something out of place in your vehicle, then you should consider it a sign of trouble.

Transmission And Leakage Fluid Levels

It's a good thing to check on the transmission fluid level regularly. The most common problem is leaking of transmission fluid levels. If you see red or black liquid in the garage under your vehicle, this can be a transmission fluid. Don't panic and immediately check your vehicle. Most automatic transmission problems can be avoided by changing filters and fluids on time according to the manufacturer's specifications.

Transmission Slip

The transmission slip is always a nightmare for the driver. Just like when driving in a certain gear and suddenly, the gear automatically shifts to another and an unusual noise is likely to appear from under the vehicle. In some cases, your vehicle suddenly starts to lose its power. This can be a sign of wear and tear on your transmission line. Even though it sounds terrible, you should immediately check on your vehicle.

Electric Component Failure

This is quite common in the list of automatic transmission problems. Imagine when driving home, you detected damage to the vehicle's speed sensor or fuse. Feel bad, right? But that could be worse, because that could be a failure of the electrical components.

Of all automatic transmission problems, this might not allow electronic circuits to control the transmission. You will have a vehicle that cannot work properly. Unfortunately, your vehicle must be fixed immediately.

Broken Plate Flax

In the list of automatic transmission problems, damaged flax plates are most easily recognized. You can check the state of the hemp plate just by looking. Damaged or damaged flax plates (alternatively called flywheels) will not transfer complete engine power to the transmission.

Gear Shift Lock

Imagine you can only drive on the road with a first gear. Terrible is not it? In the list of automatic transmission problems, gearshift is the most dangerous. The vehicle entered into first gear but refused to move to another gear. This can be caused by the transmission shift solenoid. This drives the transmission fluid throughout the system and if it is damaged or jammed it can result in not transmitting enough power when you drive. When automatic transmission problems, gearshift occur, the shift lock release mechanism may be the best solution. Make sure you know how it works.

Overheat transmission

Never ignore transmission signals that are too hot. One of the problems of automatic transmission that requires a lot of attention is overheating transmission. Especially, if you own a Toyota car, this is a common problem among Toyota automatic transmission. This usually occurs due to burning, dirty or no liquid. Drivers must replace this fluid immediately to avoid further damage to the vehicle. Whenever you experience problems with transmission, you must bring your vehicle to a professional vehicle mechanic.

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