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12 Nov 2019

Strategies to Prevent Home Fires: Protect Your Assets With Property Insurance

Strategies to Prevent Home Fires: Protect Your Assets With Property Insurance - Asura

The kitchen is a part of the house that is prone to fire risk. Most fires occur starting from the kitchen. A skillet left on the stove lit is the cause of most fires in the kitchen. Fires in the kitchen are not only the main cause of house fires, they are also most fatal, and most injuries occur when the victim tries to extinguish the fire on their own.

Keep your family safe by knowing everything you need to know and do about safety and fire prevention. Home fire can be lit for a variety of reasons, including electrical problems, outdoors fires, and unsupervised candles. The most common cause of house fires that lead to death, besides leaving a hot pan on the stove, is a cigarette that has been left carelessly. There are tips for preventing house fires that you can apply.

Keeping Your Home Safe From Fire

Many house fires start because of carelessness and can be prevented by taking security measures. Follow these fire safety tips to reduce the risk of firing your home

Be careful in the kitchen

Safety and fire prevention are very important in the kitchen, so keep kitchen utensils from being plugged in when you don't use them (of course, that also applies to other equipment at home). Do not leave the kitchen when cooking on the stove, and keep flammable items away from stovetops.

Use the stove or heater wisely

Have a stove or heating system checked every year and avoid possible causes of dangerous fires such as kerosene. Always use a kitchen divider or stove to keep fire away from furniture and curtains, and be careful when using the stove in a narrow space.

Beware of cigarettes

If you or a guest at your home is a smoker, pay attention to the butts. Always use a safe ashtray. For fire safety, never smoke in bed. And before going to bed or out the door, do a quick check around and under the furniture and linen to make sure there are no cigarette butts still burning. Don't let highly flammable ingredients accumulate in your home. Regularly clean old newspapers, magazines and other things that might quickly catch and spread fire.

Wisely attach the device to an electrical outlet

Do not attach too many devices to one socket, and do not use the extension cord permanently. Don't use light bulbs that are too strong for lights or equipment.

TBlow the candle when finished using it

Be careful if you use candles. Never leave the room with a burning candle. Blow all the candles before going to bed or leaving the house, and use a candle with a sturdy base that can't fall.

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